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Project: yuck unless

Boston's most advanced compression wear technology increases muscle oxygenation, stabilizes active muscles

Selkirk Rex

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Participating organisations

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Amber Olson
District Communications Manager
Morissette - Kertzmann
Jerrell Kemmer
Jerrell Kemmer
Global Division Strategist
Douglas, Schamberger and McLaughlin
Major Nitzsche
Major Nitzsche
National Division Designer
Pacocha, Padberg and D'Amore
Reese Hansen
Reese Hansen
Rolando Romaguera
Lead Operations Executive
Conn, Murphy and Kling
Rowland Zieme
Rowland Zieme
Stanley Kassulke
District Brand Manager
Carroll, Dooley and Satterfield
Vladimir Braun
Vladimir Braun
Principal Mobility Designer
Torphy, Wolf and Lebsack

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