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Participating organisations

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Thrift Shop

Author(s): Courtney Wiegand
Published in Jaskolski, Ledner and Kshlerin by Will Inc in 2014
no image avaliable

Happy Together

Author(s): Virgil Heathcote
Published in Friesen - Braun by McClure Inc in 2008



Caroline Goodwin
Caroline Goodwin
Human Quality Strategist
Welch Group
Deion Wuckert
Deion Wuckert
Lead Metrics Assistant
Ortiz, Oberbrunner and Heaney
Destiny Buckridge-Yundt
Direct Accountability Administrator
Hoppe - Kutch
Ricardo Wilkinson
Ricardo Wilkinson
Human Program Orchestrator
Koss - Toy
Sydney Gulgowski
Chief Creative Producer
Aufderhar, Gutmann and Hane
Warren Ortiz
Warren Ortiz
International Identity Facilitator
Bode and Sons

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